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Jim Marshall

February 3, 1936 – March 24, 2010

Welcome to the official website of legendary photographer Jim Marshall.

Photographer Jim Marshall, who died of natural causes in New York City on March 24, 2010, over a 50-year career created hundreds of legendary images that came into the public consciousness through magazine features, more than 500 album covers, and twelve books, published before and after his death. Pocket Cash: Johnny Cash (Chronicle Books, 2010) was the last book developed by Jim, and it was approved by him weeks before his death.

Grammy Award
Jim’s Grammy Award

Jim Marshall has been called the most celebrated and prolific photographer of the 20th century,  and is widely known for his iconic music photography. In death, Jim holds the distinction of being the first and only photographer to be presented with the Recording Academy’s TRUSTEE AWARD, an honorary GRAMMY presented to individuals for nonperformance contributions to the music industry. The award was bestowed on the Jim Marshall estate in 2014 in recognition of Jim’s unprecedented chronicling of music history from the 1950s through the early 2000s.

His entire estate of more than one million black-and-white and color negatives—which he referred to as his “children”—to his trusted, longtime assistant Amelia Davis. In her own right, Davis is an accomplished and award-winning photographer. She has published three photographic books of her own work and has been included in numerous gallery and juried exhibitions.

Jim Marshall Photography LLC was established with the primary goal to preserve and protect Marshall’s extraordinary legacy as a discerning photojournalist and a pioneer of rock-and-roll photography. The estate is continuing the legacy of Jim Marshall through sales and licensing, exhibitions, publishing, the development of a comprehensive catalog as a reference for the totality of his life’s work, and production of a documentary about his life. The estate has also been developing partnerships with a select number of brands to extend the tail of Jim’s work and iconic images for generations to come.

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