Iconic Images

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Muddy Waters, Blue Sky's live album cover, 1979
Jim Marshall shoots Buddy Guy and Junior Wells, Ann Arbor Blues Festival, 1969
Buddy Guy, Ann Arbor Blues Festival, 1969
Michael Bloomfield, Columbia Studios in San Francisco, 1973
Muddy Waters, Boarding House, San Francisco, 1965


Johnny Cash and June Carter at home, Hendersonville, TN, 1969
Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash, 1974
Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan during the Johnny Cash Show, 1969
Leon Russell and Willie Nelson, Dripping Springs, 1973
Johnny Cash, Folsom Prison, 1968
Johnny Cash, Folsom Prison, 1968


NYC reacts to the announcement of the death of JFK
Bill Graham, Golden Gate Park, 1967
Karl Malden and Michael Douglas, San Francisco, 1976
Cesar Chavez at the beginning of his rise, at the end of the first march from Delano, CA, at the Sacramento rally 1965
The Poets Robbie Robertson, Michael McClure, Bob Dylan, and Allan Ginsberg in the San Francisco alley now named Kerouac Strasse, 1965


Bob Dylan, press conference, 1965
Bob Dylan, rolling a tire , NYC 1963
Art Garfunkel, Enrico's Coffee House, San Francisco, 1973
The Baez Sisters, 1967


John Coltrane backstage at Stanford University in early 1966, a few months before he died
Miles Davis at Newman's Gym in San Francisco, 1971
Miles Davis, Isle of Wight, 1970
Miles Davis, backstage Berkeley Community Theater, 1971
Louis Armstrong backstage at the Monterey Jazz Festival, 1966
John Coltrane, Queens, NY, 1963
Miles Davis, Isle of Wight, 1970
John Coltrane at Ralph Gleason's house in Berkeley, CA, 1960
Miles Davis boxing in Newman's Gym, San Francisco, 1971

Monterey Pop

Brian Jones and Jimi Hendrix, Monterey Pop Festival, 1967