Iconic Images

R&B / Soul

Minnie Ripperton, Los Angeles, 1970
Ray Charles, backstage at the Longshoreman's Hall, San Francisco, 1961
Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles in a live recording at Fillmore West, 1971
Etta James
Sly Stone, 1978

Rock 'n' Roll

Chuck Berry at Madison Square Garden, 1969
Janis Joplin, happy, backstage at Winterland, San Francisco, 1968
Keith Richards and Mick Jagger, recording 'Exile on Main Street,' 1972
Grateful Dead, 'Rolling Stone' magazine cover, 1967
Mick Jagger, Los Angeles, 1972
Jimi Hendrix, Winterland, 1968
Robert Plant, 1970
The Beatles, last concert, Candlestick Park/ San Francisco, 1966
Mick Jagger, Los Angeles, 1972
Keith Richards, 'Exile on Main Street' recordings, Los Angeles, 1972
The Who, San Francisco, 1967
Grace Slick and Janis Joplin, 1967
The Who, San Francisco, 1967
Jim Morrison, Northern California Folk Festival, 1968
Grace Slick and David Crosby in front of Vesuvio's Cafe, San Francisco, 1970
The Allman Brothers, Fillmore East album cover, Macon, Georgia, 1971
Peter Frampton, A Day on the Green, Oakland Coliseum, 1976
Jimmy Page backstage at the Forum, Los Angeles, 1971
Carlos Santana during his first album recording at Columbia Studios in Hollywood, 1969
Duane Allman, 1969
Frank Zappa, in bed at his home in Los Angeles, 1967
Janis Joplin on her Porsche in San Francisco, 1968
Chuck Berry at Madison Square Garden, 1969
Dr. John, backstage at the Boarding House, San Francisco,1983
Led Zeppelin, in a limo, 1971
Carlos Santana, Altamont, 1969
The Cream, Sausalito, 1967
Janis Joplin, Winterland, San Franicisco,1968
Jerry Garcia and Pigpen, 1967
John Entwistle and Roger Daltrey at Woodstock, 1969